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Skilled Consultants to Support Your Industry

Launch is a small woman-owned business that employs engineers, emergency managers, community planners, physical and cyber security specialists, among others, highly skilled in risk and resilience work across a variety of industries. From utilities to hospitals to local governments, we have the team to support your resilience needs.

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Training and Exercises

We offer interactive training workshops designed uniquely for each client and compliant with Federal requirements, such as FEMA. Our tabletop and functional exercises will also test your team in a low-stakes environment to ensure training and resources are effective BEFORE an emergency strikes.

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#AllThingsResilient Through Emergency Preparedness

Ready to fortify your organization against emergencies and business interruptions? Our expert consultants are here to guide you, whether you need emergency plans and processes, risk and vulnerability assessments, training and exercises, and other initiatives aimed at creating a resilient organization so you can continue serving your customers with minimal disruptions.

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Empowering Success

Launch! Consulting has successfully won over $18 million in Federal and State grant funding for clients!

Serving the Nation

Launch has supported over 150 clients across 18 states, from Alaska to Florida.

Exceeding Standards

Our mission is to go above and beyond State and Federal requirements, ensuring our clients are prepared for any emergency at any time. 

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“I have been working with Launch! Consulting since 2016 and find the firm both knowledgeable and thorough when assisting the City, not only with grant applications but also with the development of emergency planning procedures and documents. Launch staff have also worked in an effective and positive manner with other City departments involving diverse facilitation work and grant writing efforts.”

– A Department of Utilities in Virginia
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“Launch! Consulting comprises an expert team of engineers, facilitators, and grant writers who have provided a wide range of services to our City. They wrote a winning grant application, enabling them to manage the development of the City’s Flood Resilience Plan, including the facilitation of multiple workshops with City employees across several departments. Their team contributed skilled planning suggestions informed by over a decade of experience. Throughout the plan’s development, Launch has conducted their work with an unparalleled level of dedication and professionalism.”

– City Public Works Department
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“Launch has been an integral member of our team, contributing their extensive experience to the Water Utility’s emergency management projects.”

– A Water Utility in Washington State
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“The City had the pleasure of working with Launch! on projects that aimed to improve emergency response and reduce the impact of hazards on the water system. Their team was professional, organized, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the project. What was particularly impressive was Launch’s ability to work collaboratively with our team and take into account the department’s specific needs and challenges. They approached each project with a deep understanding of the business and were able to develop customized solutions that were tailored to the City.”

– A Medium-sized City in California
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